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”Skåbu is Northern Europe's highest settlement (870 m.a.s.l.) and one of Norway's most beautiful villages. Bygda is part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley and is centrally located on the stairs to the Jotunheimen National Park, surrounded by hospitable mountains, beautiful scenery and old picturesque farms.

In Skåbu, stone age humans have been hunting for over 10.000 years, and in 2014 archaeologists found remains of burnt moose bones, which is the oldest discovery after moose hunting in Norway, and among the oldest discoveries of people in Norway.
Skåbu is located in Moose-country and here you will find Europe's largest moose trail. Hundreds of moose travel away from snowy areas to get food in the winter and travel back again in the spring.

Hunting, Fishing and Food Culture
Hunting and fishing has a long and proud tradition in Skåbu, and is a natural activity in the village in the fall. Hand in hand with our inherited hunting traditions we find old preservation methods of food, and an exciting and rich food culture. We have a unique access to tasty ingredients throughout Gudbrandsdalen which gives our food high quality and nutritional content.

Skåbu Mountain Hotel
At Skåbu mountain hotel you stay scenically and homely. In our restaurant you can enjoy good local food, based on seasonal ingredients and old food traditions, and in the fireplace room, social coziness and relaxation are provided.

There is a wide range of hiking opportunities from very simple mountain walks to spectacular peaks. From Skardfjellet in Skåbu you can see four national parks: Jotunheimen, Reinheim, Langsua and Rondane. During the summer months, there are several open mountain roads that allow you to quickly get to Besseggen or Glittertind.

Other activities
The nearness to animals and nature is probably what first and foremost makes Skåbu a particularly attractive tourist destination, but there are many different activities to do in Skåbu. riding in the mountains, Farm visits, bike rides, dog sledding, horse and carriage (or sleigh in the winter). We have an old beautiful church, a small hunting museum, our own small swimming pool, backyard and handicraft traditions.
A short drive away you can visit Sikkilsdalen and Sjoa rafting

Skåbu arranges among other things;

* Liv Lågå from 13-15 July where the whole of Skåbu is transformed into a large marketplace with stalls, food service and outdoor concert with the music group "Ni Liv",
* Norway's most beautiful marathon and half marathon on September 29th
* Norway's most spectacular dog racing (2nd weekend in January) with the world's longest and most demanding single leg. Over the course of a day, over 700 dogs have had rest and checkpoint in Skåbu.

In Skåbu you will fell the hospitality, warmth and inclusion. It's a good place to know the tranquility, and just enjoy the atmosphere.


Welcome to Skåbu!

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