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Boutiqe Hotel

The old Cooperative is transformed into a unique boutiqe hotel; Skåbu Fjellhotell. The cooperative has been the village’s gathering point throughout the ages. This building has a lot of valuable history, good memories and a cozy atmosphere in the walls. At Skåbu Fjellhotell and in the village of Skåbu, everyone is warmly welcomed!

In 2008, the Haug family from Bærum bought the beautiful mountain farm, Lykkja, in Skåbu. The farm consists of over 20 houses from the 1500-1700s, well preserved in its original condition. The old authentic buildings have a rich village history, ancient traditions and valuable memories.

Today, Sigurd and Kirsti Haug run the farm with traditional farming, where they have an old breed of “wild”, long-haired sheeps. The farm is open to visitors that make an apointment, and they are happy to take you on a tour around the old houses, where you can cuddle with the animals and hear exciting stories.

Skåbu is an inclusive, charming and hospitable mountain village. The locals are passionate about their village, and perhaps it was precisely this hospitality and love for the village that made Sigurd Haug buy the old Cooperative, which fell into disrepair in Skåbu village center in 2015.

At that time, there was no clear plan for the purchase of this old city center building, but the road “will be created while walking”.

Over the next 4 years, two more generations moved from Bærum to Skåbu, and in a committed and enthusiastic spirit of hard work, the old cooperative was completely renovated. The old building was given new life. In 2019, the brand new boutique hotel opened its doors, and it is with great joy and pride that we were once again able to fill the house with laughter, joy and valuable social gatherings.

Lykkja Farm

The farm Lykkja is located up in the hillside, just southwest of Skåbu church, 815-820 m.o.h. The farms has magnificent views south and west towards Ruten and Jotunheimen. The farm was cleared in 1830 and separated from Nørdre Slåa in 1905. It was then bought by Østen Slåen (Løkken), and the farm was in his family until 1992. With new owners, the property was further developed. Existing houses were restored and “new” ones were moved from other places and set up around the yard.

After Sigurd Haug bought the farm in 2008, he and his family have continued to upgrade and restore the farm buildings, and also adding “new” old houses. The yard at Lykkja is today surrounded by 20 houses, each one uniqe and serving a special purpose. The oldest house is from the end of the 16th century – some from the 18th century and again some of a slightly “newer” date. Today, Sigurd and Kirsti Haug runs Lykkja farm, where they have 50 – 60 wild sheeps and 2 rams. The family also includes the horse Haugajo and the english setter Diva. Read more about Lykkja farm.

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