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A great meal is more than excellent food…

Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, the area where Skåbu Fjellhotell is sitiated, has a rich and proud tradition for cultivating food. Fresh air, clean mountain rivers and wild forests give us some of the finest ingredients you can imagine. In our kitchen we use local ingredients, sheep and pork from our own farm, and fish and game from the mountains surrounding us.

In our restuarant, Skadir, we serve traditional Norwegian food, based on local ingredients and old recipies, but made with a twist. We strive to give our guests a great gastronomic experience in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

We warmly welcome you!

Restaurant Skadir

Restaurant Skadir emphasizes the taste of Norwegian mountains, with natural and local ingredients. The kitchen uses fresh ingredients available in season, pork and sheep from our own farm and game and mountain trout from local fishing lakes.

As a guest at the hotel you automatically have a reservation in our restaurant (you can of course choose not to dine at the hotel). You are also welcome to make a reservation in the restaurant, even though you don’t stay at the hotel. Contact us for availability/reservations.

The menu varies from day to day, so contact us to hear today’s menu.

+47 61 29 55 00 Ι

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Møt Lukasz

The Head Chef at Skåbu Fjellhotell, Lukasz B. Socha, is known for decomposing traditional recipes and putting them back together with new culinary techniques. With respect to the traditional, he uses modern approaches for a new personal expression. For Luke, the ingredients are the most important; as short-distance, in season ingredients gives a real and purely gastronomic expression.

Lukasz has a background in restaurant management and has run his own restaurant and received very good reviews in, among others, the prestigious Gault & Milleau with its culinary menu and cuisine, as well as “best Chef of the young Generation”. Lukasz has also been a participant in various culinary programs and gastronomic shows. Lukasz started his kitchen career in Oxford, England, where he was a student at the gastronomic school. Then he was an apprentice at French Saddles, a very demanding but also motivating and useful experience according to himself.

Lukasz emphasizes that his motivation is a continuous development of his culinary abilities. Next to the kitchen, books, travel and collaboration with other chefs are a great inspiration. Lukasz attacks his job as a chef with hard work and an honest approach to the senses and curiosity. He treats the kitchen with the same pronounced respect he gives to other art forms such as painting, music and theater.

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A good wine can lift the meal to new heights! We have a rich selection of good wines that go well with the food we serve. We have made wine packages that are put together to match the menus perfectly, and we have also put together our own packages of natural wine. Natural wine is a passion for us, and we work with many small-scale producers who make world-class natural wine. If you want a wine menu with only natural wine or a combination of natural wine and traditional wine, it is possible with us.

Natural wine

In addition to a large selection of ordinary wines, we have also included a small, but well-considered range of natural wines to suit our menus.

Together with our Norwegian supplier, Sønnavin, we have tested, tasted and not least visited the wine producers we buy natural wine from.

There is a growing interest in natural ingredients without additives, and natural wine is still an exclusive type of small-scale handcraft product. In the same way, we at Skåbu Fjellhotell serve menus with ingredients from our own farms, game and fish from Skåbu – that is harvested and prepared in our own processing fasilities.

Our suppliers of natural wine are located in the Spanish high mountains not so different from the conditions we have in Skåbu. We were impressed and charmed by small committed family businesses with knowledge, ideology and genuine commitment, qualities we could easily recognize ourselves in.

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Opening hours


Served 08:00-10:00.

Start the day with a good cup of coffee and the most beautiful view in the world! The breakfast is served at the table, at the time you prefer. Remember to notify us the evening in advance when and what you want to eat. You can choose from a selection of locally produced cheeses, smoked and cured hams, eggs, home-smoked bacon and of course freshly brewed coffee and tea.


Served 13:00-16:00.

The serving is open to everyone. The lunch menu consists of a variety of hot and cold dishes, soups and desserts. You can buy baked goods and hot and cold drinks all day in our restaurant, or you can buy some of our locally produced food to take home. 

See our lunchmenu

DinnerServed 19:00.

We serve 3- and 5-course Chef’s Tasting Menus every night. It is also possible to have wine packages that go perfectly with the food. When you book a room with us, you can reserve a table in the restaurant. Guests who do not stay at the hotel can contact us at for table reservations.

Høyfjellsmat – a taste of the mountains

Skåbu Fjellhotell processes and produces local food based on ingredients from small and medium-sized producers in Gudbrandsdalen, our own porks and sheeps, and fish and game from Skåbu.

The highlands of Skåbu has outfield-based agriculture, which has been part of Norway’s agriculture since the Stone Age. Outfield use and other agricultural operations create and maintain ecosystems that are important to us and our environment.

Skåbu and Gudbrandsdalen have long and rich traditions in hunting, fishing and processing food. Clean water, clean air, pastures with high nutrient content and ethical animal husbandry provide particularly high quality ingredients and finished products. Good for the animals and good for us!

Our recipe:

A dose of sustainable food production, a dazzling food history combined with a piece of proper craftsmanship, pride and respect – provides quality products that do good for body and mind.

Utsikt over fjellheimen
Utsikt over fjellheimen
Utsikt over fjellheimen

Local – sustainable – ethical

With us, you can be sure of where your food comes from, and that the animals you eat have had a good and dignified life.

We produce all our food ourselves. Some of it we serve in the restaurant. The rest we sell at Høyfjellsmat – our online store for selling local food.

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Utsikt over fjellheimen