Hjem 5 Activity 5 Hiking Sikkilsdalshø

Hiking Sikkilsdalshø

The journey to Sikkilsdalshø is just as breathtaking as Besseggen, but without the crowds.

Starting from Skåbu Fjellhotell, you have the option to either cycle or drive to Sikkilsdalsseter. From there, the hike to Sikkilsdalshø is well-guided with cairns and marked by red DNT T’s, leading you all the way to the summit. We like to refer to this excursion as our “private Besseggen.” Once at the top, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Besseggen, Gjendesheim, Gjendevatnet, and numerous mountain peaks in the national parks of Rondane, Dovre, Jotunheimen, and Langsua. If time and energy permit, you can extend the trip to Besseggen or explore other nearby peaks.

Sikkilsdalen is renowned for its horse release event in June and, not least, Prinsehytta, which the royal couple frequents, especially during Easter and the hunting season. Nature itself stands as a testament to its beauty, nestled in a lush, captivating valley, surrounded by majestic and awe-inspiring mountains.