Hjem 5 Activity 5 Biking

Biking around Heidalsmuen

Text and image; Kristian Brakestad, Skåbu

If you want a bike ride in majestic surroundings, I recommend cycling around Heidalsmuen. The trip requires that you are comfortable cycling on trails. There are few / no technically difficult challenges, but good tires and a bicycle suitable for the trip are a prerequisite. I usually start from Tverrbygda / Breistulen, and cycle from Bukkebu towards Musetrin. You can cycle around Heidalsmuen with or against the clock, both trips provide fantastic experiences.

Starting from Gamle Munchesæterveg from (New) Mugsætervegen west of Heidalsmuen, you cycle up a pretty nice road / path. Gradually it becomes a bit more rocky and damp, but you cycle all the way with good technique and condition. From the northern end of Heidalsmuen there is a very nice slope to Bærdøla, which is washed over. Then it goes well to Nerdalsfiskeløysa which is easy to pass on wheels. After about 2-300 meters, take a path to the right towards Geitfjellet. Follow this and measure on the paths towards Kviknegråhø. It can be a little difficult to find the right path due to many intersections, but keep the height until you find a path that runs between Kvikengråhø and Kringlefjellet. (If you leave early, you will come to a path at the bottom of Kringlefjellet that stops in heather and berries). Follow the path between the mountains and enjoy the trip towards Heidalsmuen down to the stream that turns into Sandåa (the path is somewhat unclear when you get to the stream, but you see it on the other side). From there there is a nice mountain path down to Mugsætervegen again.

Either from a car / bicycle from Mugsetervegen (barges from Skåbu and Meringdalen) or by bicycle from Bukkebu in Tverrbygda.

Detailed info can be found at Trailguide.