Skåbu Fjellhotell

Lykkja Mountain Farm

Lykkja Mountain Farm


Garden Lykkja is located in Skåbu in Nord-Fron municipality in Gudbrandsdalen. It lies open and free in the mountainside just south-west of Skåbu church and center, 815-820 m.a.s.l. with stunning views south and west towards Ruten and Jotunheimen. The Farm was cleared in 1830, parted from Nørdre Slåa in 1905, bought by Østen Slåen (Løkken) and was in his family until 1992.

With new owners, the property was gradually developed. Existing houses were set up and "new" was moved from other places and set up around the yard.

In 2008 Sigurd Haug bought the farm and has continued upgrading and added older buildings to the farm. The courtyard at Lykkja is today surrounded by 20 houses. Everyone has different functions. The oldest house dates from the late 16th century - some from the 18th century and again some of "newer" date.


About Lykkja Mountain Farm

Lykkja Farm is the home of Sigurd and Kirsti Haug, the English setter Diva, 50-60 sheep and the stallion Haugajo. The years have been exciting; a journey with farmlife, animalcare and con-struction work in beautifull sourroundings.


Distances to...

Oslo -> Skåbu; 3,5 – 4 hours
Skåbu -> Gjendesheim; 1,5 hour
Skåbu -> Vinstra; 30 minutes
Skåbu -> Otta; 50 minutes

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