Skåbu Fjellhotell

Aktiviteter sommer | høst

Sommer- og høstaktiviteter i Skåbu og omegn

Go hiking in the mountains, take a summer bath in the river, pick mushrooms and mullets, cross country skiing with an exclusive lunch in the bag, dog sledding, horseback riding in the mountains, hiking, cycling, hiking in Jotunheimen, rafting in Sjoa, trip to the spectacular potholes in Hell or simply just "go with the flow".

With Skåbu as a starting point there is a wide range of possible activities in the surrounding area. All activities can be done on their own or with a local guide. Skåbu er en aktiv, kreativ og engasjert bygd. I fanen nedenfor er en oversikt over aktuelle sommer- & høstaktiviteter i og rundt Skåbu. Vel bekomme!

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