Hjem 5 Activity 5 Dog sledding

Dog sledding

Embark on the Ultimate Bucket-list Experience!

Imagine leading your own dog sled through a welcoming wilderness, accompanied by the loyal companionship of dogs and the serene harmony of nature. In this captivating journey, stress and worries melt away, replaced by an effervescent joy, a liberating sense of freedom, and a profound feeling of accomplishment.

Teaming up with Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, we present a truly unique package that combines raw wilderness with gourmet delights, all wrapped in understated luxury. It’s an unparalleled “Once in a Lifetime” adventure, meant to be shared with family, significant others, friends, or cherished colleagues.

At Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, you’ll be actively involved and connected with the dogs throughout, receiving expert training and guidance. Witness the excitement of eager canines, feel the thrill of commanding the sled, and be enchanted by the magically beautiful and tranquil landscapes.

Gather around the campfire, miles away from your ordinary comfort zone, and experience the deep camaraderie that emerges from such extraordinary moments.

This is an encounter that simply must be lived to be believed!

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Photos dog sledding: Jotunheimen Huskey Lodge