Hjem 5 Activity 5 Dog sledding

Dog sledding

The ultimate Bucket-list experience!

You lead your own dog sledge through friendly wilderness, close to dogs and in harmony with nature. Stress and worry are replaced with bubbling joy, freedom and a feeling of mastery.

Together with Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, we offer a unique package with a combination of raw wilderness and gourmet in toned-down luxury. This is a “Once in a Lifetime” experience, and something very special to share with family, boyfriend, friends or good colleagues.

With Jotunheimen Husky Lodge, you are active and close to the dogs at all times, you receive expert training and guidance. You enjoy the sight of eager dogs, the power of the sled and the magic of adventurously beautiful nature and silence.

Experience the unity around the fire, miles outside your usual comfort zone.

This simply has to be experienced!

See our package “Dog sledding”

Photos dog sledding: Jotunheimen Huskey Lodge