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Vandretur; Sikkelsdalshø

Årets sommertopptur går til Sikkilsdalshø – minst like spektakulær som Besseggen, men uten kø. 


From Skåbu mountain hotel you can cycle or drive a car to Sikkilsdalsseter. From here, the top trip to Sikkilsdalshø is well signposted with warnings and red DNT T's all the way to the top. We call our trip to Sikkilsdalshø our "private Besseggen". From the top you have a view of Besseggen, Gjendesheim, Gjendevatnet and many mountain peaks in the national parks Rondane, Dovre, Jotunheimen and Langsua. If you have time and energy, the trip can be continued on to Besseggen or other nearby peaks.

The Sikkilsdalen is known for the horse sledge in June and not least the Prince cabin, which is used extensively by the royal couple especially during Easter and during hunting. Nature speaks for itself with its location in a beautiful lush valley surrounded by majestic and spectacular mountains.

In the 1890s, Norwegians collected money so that the Swedish princes would get a cabin in the Sikkils valley, but after the union dissolution in 1905, it was not easy for Swedish king subjects to vacation in Norway, and the cottage was left unused. It was too wrong for this beautiful property to be left empty, and Crown Prince Gustav Adolf therefore gave Prinsehytta the crown prince Olav on the day of authority July 2, 1924. There are many good stories about the mid-calves and the royal. This story is one of our favorites and tells a lot about the good relationship between the locals and our popular royals:


“An Easter weekend, the Crown Prince had to hurry to Oslo. Mechanic Theodor Pettersen was invited to run the Crown Prince from Skåbu to Vinstra. The motorcycle had mechanical brakes. Theodor ran what he was good at. In the steep slopes, the brakes went hot. "Should you reach the train, let us cool down the brake," Theodor told Crown Prince Olav. The Crown Prince realized the seriousness. He and Theodor stood up on each side of the motorcycle and gave up what was needed to cool the brake system. "


In the old days, it took several days to get from the main state into the Sikkilsdalen, and the transport went both by boat and by horse. Honorable Kampeseter hotels in Skåbu had their own royal suite at their disposal for the royals, and from Skåbu the journey continued with horse to the Prince Cabin.

Today you can of course drive a car to Skåbu, or do as the king - travel green and take the train to Vinstra. From Vinstra station there is a great bus ride up the hill to Skåbu - North Europe's highest settled settlement. Skåbu Fjellhotell offers accommodation and accommodation, and can also offer a return trip to Skåbu on request.

 Welcome to us in Skåbu!

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