Skåbu Fjellhotell

Tours with "Dialect Bears" - a fun activity for the whole family!

STEIL, die lokale Sportmannschaft von Skåbus, hat "Dialektbären" veröffentlicht. 10 hiking destinations have been laid out, and this year there will be "bear hunting". The hunt consists of finding wooden figures of bears attached to stone piles on the various trip destinations. The figures have dialect words inscribed. Record these words and submit as many as possible.
Everyone who collects one or more dialect words from these and delivers to the subtitles before November 1, 2019, is part of the draw of fine prizes. The main prize is gift card of 1000 kr. The best prize, however, is the nature experiences.  

3.2 km round trip, if one goes from the top in Grevlingfaret. Follow the red mark path up along the fence, follow signs towards Gråhø / Lauvåsen / Rundløype, in the next intersection follow signs towards Lauvåsen / Rundløype, follow the bruise path from here. The dialect bear hangs in a birch between the two large stones.


1.4 km round trip. Wide valley floor, not marked, turn left 1.2 km after the boom on Jotunheimvegen (after you have passed the exit to Høl, the first valley to the left, before Westresetra). The dialect bear hangs in a birch by the ox. There is a nice "picnic area" right above.

Feforkampen, 1160 moh

1.8 km round trip from the bottom of the downhill slope. The dialect bear hangs on the foremost top. We encourage you to go over all three tops and look at the prospect of being clear!

Reinsknappen, 1356 moh

7.8 km round trip from Storhøliseter. Follow the slope towards Storhøpiggen, turn left at the junction where there is a sign towards Glupen. Further you can go straight ahead between Storhøa and Storhøpiggen, follow the slope towards Svarttjønnholet until you have passed Storhøa, before you climb up to the left towards the Reinsknappen. It is also nice to walk up to Storhøa.

Gråhø (i Skåbu), 1157 moh: 
9 km round trip from the top of Grevlingfaret.

Sæterkampen (north), 1450 meters above sea level:
5.7 km round trip from Breistulen.


7.2 km round trip from «Postfurua» by Sikkilsdalsvegen. One can also go from Flekkmovegen, via Strålsetra, this is a little shorter. The dialect bear hangs on the fence.

Eldbjørshaugen, 959 moh

2.4 km round trip from the Elgland sign along Rv255 in Espedalen.

Skaget, 1686 moh

18 km round trip from Bjørnhølen. 7.2 km round trip from Storeskag (DNT cabin in Valdres). 

Veslehøa, 1159 moh

Nice little top in Vinstervatna. 5.4 km round trip from Øyvassosen, very light terrain, but marshy some places. Follow the red marked ridge from the other side of the dam, take off to the left after several hundred meters, there is a white band tied up where you are going to take off, furthermore it is unmarked terrain. For those who want a slightly longer trip, it is nice to follow the raw mark that goes between Buatinden and Marsteinhøgda. The finest is to follow the steep slope all the way to the intersection towards Storhøliseter. This tour is 12 km.

You can find the Norwegian map app in appstore here (erfordert Netzwerkverbindung).


Tur til Reinsknappen (foto: Synne Grosberg)

Reinsknappen (foto: Synne Grosberg)

Reinsknappen (foto: Synne Grosberg)

Reinsknappen (foto: Synne Grosberg)

Reinsknappen (foto: Synne Grosberg)

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