Skåbu Fjellhotell

Vandretur; Veslefjellkampen

Hikingtrip Veslekampen in Jotunheimen 

Text; Skåbu Fjellhotell. Photo; Tori Virik Nøvik and Skåbu Fjellhotell.


Great trip for the whole family. On the way you pass the Falkefanger plant, which is the only rebuilt falconry plant in original condition in Scandinavia. Here there is both history and views. Very nice walk in hospitable terrain.


Start the tour with a beautiful drive from Skåbu inland to Jotunheimen to the resting place at Kvålssetra (about 18 km). Park the car, breathe Jotunheimen's fresh, clean, clear air well into your lungs, and enjoy beautiful views of mainland Norway's most powerful mountain massif - spectacular Jotunheimen.

Follow the sign for Falkefangerhytta from the rest area (approx. 1 km) towards Veslefjellkampen. Falkefangerhytta is the only restored falconry facility for falcon in Scandinavia, and is worth a visit in itself.


From the Falkefanger plant, the trip is well signposted towards Veslefjellkampen, 1040 m.h.

Veslefjellkampen is a hospitable peak and a great trip for all ages.


From Veslefjellkampen you have fantastic views of Jotunheimen. A good packed lunch and something nice and warm in the cup gives the body and mind an extra pleasure.


At Skåbu mountain hotel you can order a gourmet mountain food package for the trip.


Have a good trip and a good weekend from us at Skåbu mountain hotel 

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